Let’s talk about Email…

Email is the life blood of your business. Social, Facebook. Twitter and all the rest are nice, but email makes you money. Most small/local businesses rely on form submissions from their website to generate leads and customers.

There are some dirty secrets to email and form submissions. Mainly, that if you do not have your domain DNS records setup correctly to work with your email service provider, there is a very good chance that your emails will end up in your customers Junk Folder. Exactly where you do not want them to go.

This is because the Internet does not like SPAM and is continuously clamping down in attempts to eliminate SPAM. Most recently Microsoft, Yahoo and Gmail have tightened the screws. You will want to have your web or IT guy check your DNS settings for proper SPF, DKIM and Dmarc records. This is critical at this time.

The last thing you want from your beautiful productive website is to have the form submissions go to your customers SPAM folder.

Pro tip: One way to really help with this is to make sure that your website/forms are sending from the domain of your website. Not from a free Yahoo or Gmail account. This is so important that I would say it is mandatory if you want to make money from your website. Free email accounts are the first to end up in SPAM folders.

I offer a service where I check and fix all email/domain/DNS settings. Feel free to contact me.


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